Switchgears & Structurals (India) Pvt. Ltd. (S&S, Hyderabad) established in the year 1980, has an integrated facility for manufacture, designing and testing of EHV Disconnectors / Isolators and Earthing Switches. From a humble beginning as a manufacturer of AB Switches of 11kV rating, the company has been built over the years with core values of Quality, Service, Innovation and Reliability and now, is the widest range of Disconnector manufacturer in the country with products ranging from 11kV to 765kV Disconnectors, Railway Traction Switches, Fuses, Earthing Switches, Bus Transfer Contacts and Motor Operating Mechanisms,  used in various service areas, ranging from Testing Labs, Transmission Grids, Generation Yards, Industrial Customers. 

S&S, Hyderabad, is in technical collaboration with hapam, B.V. – The Netherlands, for manufacture of Disconnectors ranging from 420kV to 765kV. HAPAM B.V. founded in the year 1925, with vast experience and state of art facility for manufacture of Disconnectors, is located at Bunschotten, The Netherlands. 

In the ever-changing world of 21st century, increasing demand and global competition, S&S, Hyderabad, is there just for you. Be it product, engineering, information, service, or training, call upon us to provide you the one-stop solution and perform beyond your expectations. Our sales and marketing organization is backed by professionals with unparalleled engineering and manufacturing expertise, to work closely with our esteemed customers and provide them effective switching solution tailored to the customer’s specific application requirements. All S&S, Hyderabad, products are engineered to the highest technical standards and manufactured from the finest raw materials by craftsmen who share commitment and dedication to detail for a quality and well-engineered product. 

In S&S, Hyderabad, we have an independent testing facility, wherein we conduct rigorous design tests to verify that the equipment ratings and performance charecteristics meet the exact standards demanded of and expected by the large and ever-expanding customer base. Our after sales and service team stands ready to assist in installation and operational check-out of the equipment purchased and to ensure maximum product performance for years to come.